10X Fund LP

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10X Fund, LP is a technology focused hedge fund that invests primarily in the biotech space. 10X Fund LP is located in Niceville.

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Vozy closes US$800K to scale voice AI services into Mexico and Peru

3 months ago

Contxto – Automated (dull) voice responses are becoming a thing of the past in customer service. With voice AI technology, companies such as Google and Amazon are competing to make their AI bots sound as human-like as possible. But there’s no need to head to Silicon Valley nor Seattle to see this tech evolve. Instead, […]

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Should I develop an app for my startup? The answer lies in how many friends you have

4 months ago

Contxto – It might sound weird in an article about whether you should develop an app for your startup, but: Are you familiar with Dunbar’s Number? It stipulates the number of relationships that we can really sustain at once: 150. British anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, studied non-human primates and came to the conclusion that there is […]

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Is micro-mobility dead? Latin America and the future of scooters

6 months ago

Contxto – It doesn’t take more than a day in Mexico City, Bogota, or Lima to realize that Latin America has a serious chronic traffic illness. It is for that reason that micro-mobility offered the region a new opportunity; a new way for Latin Americans to move around. Most cities in the region aren’t well […]

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VOIQ lands US$2 million from Silicon Valley investors for voice AI solution

1 year ago

Contxto – Do you ever roll your eyes when you dial a number and a dull, automated voice answers? For many companies, this is an undeniable pain point in their customer service or marketing strategies. Leveraging AI technology, startup VOIQ is developing conversational more human-like voicebots to change that. Realizing the value of this technology, […]

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Nail your pitch with these 6 VC approved hacks!

2 years ago

Contxto – Ah, the pitch! That one magical moment when founders feel like Steve Jobs presenting the new iPhone, and investors sit down with a cocky smirk and crossed fingers like Kevin O’Leary in Shark Tank. The startup pitch is something you have to experience first hand to really understand its best practices, and to empirically […]

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