img Santiago, Chile
11 - 50 employees

ZYGHT improves workplace safety management in the company, through a virtual community that informs workers of active risks, via online alerts made by themselves.

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Here’s a free platform for businesses to avoid sharing an office with Covid-19

1 year ago

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – A simple sneeze or cough in the workplace has never been as concerning as it is now. Despite the rise of remote work to reduce the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), some businesses cannot offer that option to their staff. As a result, there’s a shared discomfort when someone looks “under […]

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Latin American startups versus Covid-19

1 year ago

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – It’s official: as of last week we implemented home office at Contxto. Fortunately, we’ve worked from home every Thursday since we launched last year, so we already know how to operate seamlessly without having to be physically near each other. Not everyone will have the same luck though. For this […]

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Top 7 Venture Capital funds in Chile

1 year ago

Contxto – You loved our Mexico venture capital (VC) ranking so now we’re back with more. Behold! Our list of top funds of Venture Capital in Chile, the perennial startup overachiever! Related article: Top 10 Venture Capital funds in Mexico You got my whole schpeel on what makes a VC tick in that past article […]

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