img Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
51 - 200 employees

Zee.Dog is a new way to manufacture, package, market and sell Dog products. If Nike did it for shoes, Burton did it for snowboarding, Skull Candy did it for headphones, and Ralph Lauren did it for Polos, Zee.Dog will do the same for Dog Products. We're a lifestyle brand connecting dogs and people.

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Scoop: LAIKA raises US$5 million to scale e-commerce platform for pets

3 weeks ago

Contxto – Colombian startup LAIKA is like a dog with two tails right now. Its platform for pet products and services has been growing in recent months and it’s drawn the necessary investment to keep up its momentum. LAIKA Co-Founder and CEO Camilo Sánchez recently told Contxto in an exclusive interview that the startup had […]

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Zee.Dog raises US$18.8 million through TreeCorp Investimentos

1 month ago

Contxto – Brazilian Zee.Dog announced it raised R$100 million (US$18.8 million) through TreeCorp Investimentos. Thanks to the funding, Zee.Dog can put many of its plans into motion, including an international leap, that’s sure to set many tails a wagging. Why it’s a big deal: Investors have lately shown great interest in pet e-commerce and Zee.Dog’s […]

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Coronavirus: Tinder for startup power couples. But will they last?

2 months ago

Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows William Shakespeare  Contxto – There’s no denying that coronavirus (Covid-19) is making for unusual partnerships among startups in Latin America. Many of which under “normal circumstances” may not have taken place at all. The question is, will these matchups live on beyond the pandemic? Or are they just […]

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The cat’s out of the bag! Petlove raises US$48 million with SoftBank

3 months ago

Contxto – There’s probably a lot of tail-wagging going on at e-commerce startup, Petlove. Yesterday (7) the announcement that it raised a R$250 million (about US$48 million) investment with SoftBank was made. The money will be drawn from the venture capital (VC) firm’s Latin America fund and will be closed within the next few weeks. […]

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Colombian Mywak will expand to Peru and Spain to help dog-owners care for their canine companions

7 months ago

Contxto – Colombian dog-walking marketplace, Mywak had a solid 2019. It reported a 43 percent growth rate within the last year and in August, it teamed up with Rappi. As a result, the startup plans to expand into Peru and Spain during the second semester of 2020. Lassie come home! It’s heartbreaking to be unable […]

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Zee.Dog from Brazil launches last-mile delivery for pets, Zee.Now

1 year ago

Contxto – Last-mile delivery is great. It has allowed humans to satisfy their instant cravings of burritos and pizza. But, has anyone ever thought about animals? They crave pet food and squeaky toys, too. Fortunately for them, Zee.Dog, the Brazilian pet products startup, has thought of a solution.   In Summary Zee.dog, the Brazilian e-Commerce […]

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