img Mexico City, Mexico
51 - 200 employees

UnDosTres is revolutionizing the consumer payments landscape in Mexico. We are building the country's leading platform that allows Mexican's to pay for anything and everything at the tap of a button! We are amongst the fastest growing startups in Mexico and were recently crowned the Best Fintech Startup in Emerging Markets.

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Covid endangers our ecosystem’s lifeblood: Latam’s middle class

1 year ago

Welcome to our new The Exclusive deep dive content about our Latin American ecosystem. We’re giving our registered newsletter users a sneak-peek of these soon-to-be paid for articles. Contxto – Here at Contxto we often focus on the supply side: What are startups, investors, and Founders doing to keep operations afloat? It is time now, […]

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Payment platform, UnDosTres, joins PayPal, Unicef in bid to be both profitable and charitable

1 year ago

Contxto – Cash dependency and Latin America are like two peas in a pod. Inseparable. This is a shame. Vast amounts of money and time are wasted on simple operations that could be done with three clicks or less. Thus, Mexican startup UnDosTres has taken up the challenge. It wants to tackle the big beast […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Venture Capital in Mexico [Updated 2020]

1 year ago

Contxto – There is another, less explored, facet of the startup equation. Indeed, no idea gets far without the money to do the walking. This is where venture capitalists (VCs) come in. And as one would expect, Venture Capital in Mexico and the rest of Latin America is no exception. Oft the mighty presences behind […]

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Mexican Startup, UnDosTres, Raises Seis Punto Cinco

2 years ago

Contxto –  Mexico’s Fintech Startup, UnDosTres, just closed its funding round for US$6.5 million, led by Monterrey’s Venture Capital tycoons, Dalus Capital and Ignia Partners.  Biggie Smalls was definitely on to something when he said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Well, UnDosTres figured out the problem wasn’t money itself, but rather, cash. Their fraud-proof technology fosters the use […]

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