Tu Rodeo

img Buenos Aires, Argentina
1 - 10 employees

Tu Rodeo is the product of the need of a livestock company with more than 15 years of experience in beef production. The need to know the productivity of each animal and the global business, did not drive to develop Tu Rodeo. A solution focused on breeding and fattening farms, which allows managing productive efficiency per animal and increasing profitability by up to 20%.

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3 days ago

Contxto – Buying a new car provides the assurance of getting a vehicle that’s in the best working conditions. Purchasing a used vehicle… not so much. Consequently that’s where people have to be careful and get a little help from friends, family or a startup. So to assist more people in the used car market, […]

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Agtech in Argentina (beta)

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Contxto – Argentina is an agricultural powerhouse. To such an extent that its production of grains, wines, and beef figures in the international community’s collective imagining of the country. Startup missing? Agtech in Argentina  But it’s not just romantic visions of the pampa, gauchos, and malbec. Argentina produces massive amounts of other less famous produce, […]

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New BitCow blockchain effort offers “digital cow” assets in Argentine beef industry

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Contxto – Despite economic obstacles, the Argentine beef industry is maintaining positive numbers. Just in September alone, shipments surpassed 80,000 tons, which was the largest monthly record in 14 years, according to sources. With this resurgence, the President of the OpenAgro consultancy firm, Guillermo Villagra, recently announced its new OpenBit cryptocurrency business unit. As part […]

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Argentine agrotech startups present solutions at Rural Expo

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Contxto – Agriculture and technology continue to evolve side by side, especially in Argentina. At least this was apparent at the recent Agtech Conference at Rural Expo 2019. Running from July 24 to August 4, the Rural Expo runs every year in Buenos Aires’ Palermo neighborhood. Embracing the digital transformation of the national agricultural sector, […]

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