img Salvador, Brazil
1 - 10 employees

A delivery without prejudice. We bring convenience and generate income for merchants and couriers

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Moova, the logistics Airbnb, sees double expected growth thanks to pandemic

1 year ago

Contxto – Moova, the self-proclaimed Airbnb of urban logistics startup from Argentina, duplicated its annual turnover expectation thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.   While the lock down forced many businesses to drastically change their ways in order to survive, some others like Moova benefitted from the conditions introduced by this global crisis. The company’s CEO, Antonio […]

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Google to disperse US$945K for Black Founders Fund in Brazil

1 year ago

Contxto – The Black Lives Matter movement can be felt throughout Latin America but nowhere more so in Brazil. In a country where nearly 57 percent of the population (~119 million people) consider themselves “black” or “dark-skinned”, it’s easy to understand why. And even the entrepreneurial sphere isn’t exempt from discrimination. Correspondingly, it’s an issue […]

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Why the world needs more logistics startups like Traz Favela

1 year ago

Contxto – There are plenty of logistics startups buzzing to-and-fro in the big cities of Latin America. However, the outskirts of metropolises aren’t often covered by these platforms—usually because they’re viewed as “unsafe.” But Brazilian last-mile delivery startup Traz Favela doesn’t overlook these communities. Quite the contrary, it’s centered on completing deliveries to bring these […]

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