img São Paulo, Brazil

TOTVS is an innovative software, relationship and management support company. It is the absolute leader in Brazil, the biggest application software company located in emerging countries and the 6th biggest ERP company in the world.

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The Complete List of Latin American Unicorns [Updated 2020]

11 months ago

Contxto – With Latin America growing as an important axis for the entrepreneurship ecosystem, hardly a day goes by without a breaking news story about a regional startup funding round. And even more frequently, new unicorns in Latam. At Contxto, we’re always trying to showcase what’s going well in Latin America. With the same purpose, […]

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Companies in Brazil are brewing a bidding war for Linx

1 year ago

Contxto – A bidding war may be brewing in Brazil. Almost a week ago, fintech Stone announced it would acquire retail management platform Linx for R$6.04 billion (~US$1.11 billion). But the plot is thickening.  Last Friday (14), TOTVS—a São Paulo-based software company—stated it would offer R$6.1 billion  (~US$1.13 billion) for Linx.  Investors, sniffing at the […]

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Stone buys Linx for ~US$1.1 billion. If who controls the hardware controls the world, will regulators allow it?

1 year ago

Contxto – In a 90 percent cash, 10 percent equity deal, Brazilian Stone is allegedly acquiring Linx, a software company also from Brazil. Last Tuesday (12), a statement made by Linx confirmed that it was “in final talks” with Stone, which reaffirms their intentions for the transaction to go through. Nevertheless, it isn’t a done […]

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Brazil’s TOTVS sells hardware business unit, Bematech, to Elgin

2 years ago

Contxto – To either make the most out of its software business or ride the fintech wave, Brazil’s TOTVS sold its hardware arm, Bematech, to Elgin. In the end, the Brazilian tech company aims to scrap “non-essential” business units through the transaction. In Summary The Brazilian ERP company is restructuring its operations and radically shifting […]

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