img São Paulo, Brazil
1 - 10 employees

SuperSim is going to reinvent the Brazilian Credit Market.

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Covid endangers our ecosystem’s lifeblood: Latam’s middle class

1 month ago

Welcome to our new The Exclusive deep dive content about our Latin American ecosystem. We’re giving our registered newsletter users a sneak-peek of these soon-to-be paid for articles. Contxto – Here at Contxto we often focus on the supply side: What are startups, investors, and Founders doing to keep operations afloat? It is time now, […]

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Fintech from Central America (beta)

1 month ago

Contxto – At almost a dozen startups, Central America is an overlooked fintech powerhouse. The reason is probably because people often think of this Latin American region in terms of its smaller constituent countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Yet, with a market of over 44 million people (greater than Argentina’s population), […]

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Lending fintech SuperSim obtains US$5.5M debt round

1 month ago

Contxto – It is nothing new to say Brazil’s financial inclusion is still flawed. SuperSim, a microlending fintech startup from São Paulo sees there is still opportunity in the market and recently raised a R$30 million (-US$5.57 million) debt round in order to, as they and other Brazilian lenders like to claim, “reinvent Brazil’s credit […]

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