img São Paulo, Brazil
11 - 50 employees

SouSmile is a dental beauty startup that believes everyone should have access to a smile they love. We sell our own brand of invisible aligners and whitening gels through conveniently-located retail locations where our team of dentists is available to create personalized treatment plans. By selling direct to consumer, we are a combination of brand, tech company and retailer which allows us to offer our products at an accessible cost in a modern and innovative way. We are a team of young, fun, creative and hardworking professionals that keep a smile on our face always. We are obsessed with providing our customers with a WOW experience. Above all we are transparent with visible results.

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SouSmile’s cashing in the funding! Are teeth alignment startups about to duke it out in Latam?

2 months ago

Contxto – Brazilian SouSmile has a big reason to smile. Actually, US$10 million-worth of smiles, as it recently raised a Series A round through Global Founders Capital, Canary, and Kaszek Ventures. The startup offers transparent aligners to help straighten teeth and all without those painful and aesthetically questionable braces. No doubt the funding is a […]

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Canary closes US$75 million in fundraising for Brazilian startups

5 months ago

Contxto – More investment-related fun today. Although now let’s switch around to the investor’s side of the table and talk about them for a change, hm? Brazilian Canary Ventures announced this week it’s finished fundraising and its US$75 million Canary Fund II is officially ready for lift-off. As for the targets of this mullah, Canary […]

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Theia raises over US$1.7 million to develop parental support platform

7 months ago

Contxto – Earlier today, we discussed Kaszek Ventures’ investment with SouSmile. Now, we’re switching gears to focus on the emerging startup, Theia.  Founded by CEO Flavia Deutsch and COO Paula Crespi, the young Brazilian startup recently raised R$7 million (more than US$1.7 million) to develop its parental support platform. Funds will reportedly go towards producing […]

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SouSmile joins Kaszek Ventures’ portfolio with investment worth over US$4.8 million

7 months ago

Contxto – The latest addition to Kaszek Ventures’ growing portfolio is the Brazilian healthtech, SouSmile. Joining Quinto Andar, Liv Up, GymPass, as well as Nubank, SouSmile recently received a substantial R$20 million investment (over US$4.8 million) from the fund alongside other investors. These included Canary as well as Global Founders Capital. Leading SouSmile are Natalia […]

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