img Mexico City, Mexico
1 - 10 employees

We are the Mexican company that helps people to improve their credit conditions. We provide financial support for a better debt.

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Brazilian government starts cryptocurrency regulation… too late for some

4 weeks ago

Contxto – Cryptocurrency startups and enthusiasts in Brazil have a reason to celebrate. The government announced that, as of next May, cryptocurrency exchanges will now operate under a designated code (“6619-3/99”). This little number from then on out will refer to the “brokerage and possession of crypto-assets.” Why it’s a big deal: this move further […]

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SimpliRoute’s post-investment path is clear: enhance and expand

1 month ago

Contxto – The road map for Chilean logistics startup is clear: full speed ahead with its expansion plans. To that end, it has the fuel to move forward: a recent investment worth US$3 million. Its copilot, or lead investor, on this journey was TheVentureCity. This is SimpliRoute’s Series A round and through it, a number […]

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Colombian fintech Avista tenders to an oft-ignored market after aqui-hire of IdeasLab

1 month ago

Contxto – Colombian fintech Avista has been busy lately. First, it raised a debt financing round for US$75 million. The names of the four participating financial institutions were not disclosed. Then, Avista acqui-hired Medellín-based IdeasLab, a product and software development firm, for an unspecified amount. In a statement, the startup clarified that it will be […]

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