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SharpShark is a blockchain-powered timestamping service that helps to protect copyright and to transfer intellectual property. It’s designed for creators: writers, academics & journalists, and photographers & designers. It can already record texts and images in blockchain, as well as the author’s name, making them immune — in other words, it can timestamp, save in full and tokenize intellectual property. Now we are teaching AI to look for plagiarism 24/7, accelerating in Start-Up Chilie and refining the product to meet new European laws.

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Sharp Shark raises seed round with NEM Ventures to fight online piracy

4 months ago

Contxto – We live in an era where it’s commonplace to “copy-paste” anything online without paying or crediting authors. It’s easy enough to do—but comes at a hard price for content creators. But Chilean Sharp Shark is honing in on perpetrators using blockchain tech and fresh funds. Yesterday (21), the startup announced it raised a […]

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Sharp Shark wins La Conexión Conference for intellectual property blockchain solution

1 year ago

Contxto – Nowadays, blockchain technology can apply to practically any professional field, even journalism and content creation. Proving this is the Sharp Shark project from Argentina that recently won the Conexión Conference startup competition.  Moving forward, the startup will travel to China in search of funds and further collaborations, according to CMO Germán Guismondi to […]

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