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Our company founded in 2014, has specialized in Horizontal Property; Our goal is to unite communities through technologies by providing high quality services in the Accounting, Legal area by integrating these services through our Platform designed for Modern communities. We lead all our clients to have the experience of living in community and to improve their quality of life and income through cutting-edge technological tools. Our staff will always be attentive to help you with the challenges that arise in today's communities.

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11 proptechs changing real estate in Bogotá

1 year ago

Contxto – In a bid to modernize the Latin American real estate industry, startups combining “property” and “technology” (proptechs) are gaining traction, especially in Bogotá, Colombia. It certainly makes sense that these companies want in on the action based on recent milestones from Flat in Mexico, OpenCasa in Chile, Alquilando in Argentina, just to name […]

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