img San Juan, Puerto Rico

We are a research group of Caribbean professionals developing commercial technologies in the field of astronautics. PRatian LLC is headquartered in Puerto Rico, aiming for Mars. Our st aff of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs is determined to use the Caribbean’s ideal geographic location, climate and human capital to develop a strong economy around space technologies. Our mission is to promote a culture of research towards innovation and commercialization of STEM developments with a non-restricted focus on space sciences.

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5 Puerto Rican agrotechs nipping problems in the bud

2 years ago

Contxto – Far too often, Puerto Rico’s precarious geographic location exposes the island to the fury of Mother Nature. Particularly since hurricane season lasts approximately six months. That is half a year of the need to secure stable food sources. One need only remember how Hurricane María devastated the island two years ago, destroying over […]

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PRatian secures US$200,000 from U.S. government to expand agrotech solution

2 years ago

Contxto – Boricua startup PRatian recently received US$200,000 worth of equity-free government funds to continue developing its agro-solution. Funds will go towards extending the staff as well as increasing R&D, according to the company in a recent correspondence. Born in Puerto Rico but aiming at Mars, according to its Facebook description, PRatian is an aerospace […]

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