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Pré is an online loan search engine that searches and compares in real time the best offers of the main banks and financial companies in Paraguay.

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Fintechs face tough layoff decisions, but not all are honest about it…

1 year ago

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – Not even fintechs are immune to coronavirus (Covid-19). In recent weeks, three startups, Créditas, Neon, and C6 Bank from Brazil, as well as Kueski from Mexico announced layoffs. Interestingly, many of these startups claimed it was unrelated to Covid-19. But there are grounds to think otherwise… “It wasn’t Covid-19, I […]

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6 startups from Paraguay betting on fintech solutions

2 years ago

Contxto – Every week there are headlines about some Brazilian or Mexican fintech paving new foundations for financial inclusion. While this is always wonderful news, many small countries are often overlooked.  Perhaps out of all of Latin America, Paraguay may be the most overshadowed by its larger and more active neighbors, Brazil and Argentina. While […]

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