img Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
51 - 200 employees

PEBMED is committed to providing reliable and up-to-date content for doctors and medical students.   We are doctors, and like you, we know the importance of objectively and correctly accessing information. Our time is valuable and accuracy in clinical decision making is critical.   Through our Apps and articles published on our Portal we intend to act as a support to the modern doctor. On LinkedIn we want to broaden our professional dialogue with doctors.

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Education group Afya purchases iClinic for US$32.9 million

3 days ago

Contxto – Afya, a group that focuses on health education, announced on October 13 the purchase of iClinic, a healthtech company, for R$182.7 million (US$32.9 million), which was bought with 61.5 percent cash and 38.5 percent in Afya shares. Helping the medical community With this new acquisition, the group will offer different services to doctors, […]

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Brazilian PEBMED’s apps are an encyclopedia for doctors on the go

9 months ago

Contxto – Healthcare is constantly evolving to reach new heights. And as a result, doctors need the most updated and relevant information to make optimal decisions. However, for multiple reasons such as practicality, location, and internet connectivity, access to the right insights isn’t always possible.  So three Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro launched a startup […]

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10 startups improving healthcare in Rio de Janeiro

1 year ago

Contxto – Brazil continues to strengthen itself as one of the most important economic hubs in Latin America. This is especially true with its growing HealthTech sector with a total of 250 wellbeing-focused startups. Brazil speaks for itself in the health industry. The following market map presents 10 of the most promising health-centric startups based […]

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