img Chapecó, Brazil
11 - 50 employees

PackID's mission is to solve the problem of temperature and humidity variation in the chilled product distribution chain, providing real-time monitoring that allows preventive action to be taken, avoiding cargo losses. Founded in 2016, it is formed by three partners in the area of ​​food engineering, administration and systems, who share the same objective: to become a reference in the area of ​​real-time monitoring. The solution includes radio frequency sensors, which, via an internet connection, send temperature and / or humidity information to the cloud, and can be accessed through any device, anytime, in real time. The use of this technology allows managers and those responsible for quality, logistics and supply chain to avoid possible temperature variations and consequent financial loss due to products unfit for consumption. Thus, companies will have at their disposal intelligent information and data that will allow assertive actions to be taken.

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PackID closes US$196,000 to protect temperature-sensitive cargo in Brazil

4 months ago

Contxto – The logistics industry continues to be riddled with pain points for startups to solve and investors to fund. In this case, cargo stakeholders often lose their investment when temperature-sensitive goods. Animal products or medicine often suffer environmental changes and are rendered useless… or worse. So to help these products and their owners “keep […]

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