img Córdoba, Argentina
1 - 10 employees

Oliver is a platform that through a smart wearable, identifies, interprets and predicts how footballers (soccer players) play and perform in the field during a match or training session and deliver those stats real time into a mobile app in a comprehensive, fun and social way. Our competitive advantage against wearables is the AI software technology powered by Machine Learning algorithms developed in-house. We can interpret football data (heatmap, kick power, dribbling sprints, ball possession, passes, etc)

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Oliver closes US$117,000 for amateur football players to measure performance

8 months ago

Contxto – Professional football (or soccer for any Americans reading) teams can count on an army of doctors, technicians, and other experts to monitor their performance and help them improve. But when it comes to amateur leagues, players are often left to sort things out on their own. So to give them the data-edge to […]

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Zee.Dog raises US$18.8 million through TreeCorp Investimentos

9 months ago

Contxto – Brazilian Zee.Dog announced it raised R$100 million (US$18.8 million) through TreeCorp Investimentos. Thanks to the funding, Zee.Dog can put many of its plans into motion, including an international leap, that’s sure to set many tails a wagging. Why it’s a big deal: Investors have lately shown great interest in pet e-commerce and Zee.Dog’s […]

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Google for Startups Accelerator Latam announces summer 2020 batch

9 months ago

Contxto – Google for Startups has reviewed the candidates and Google for Startups has spoken!  Last Tuesday (23), it announced the startups from Latam that will participate in its three-month accelerator. A total of 12 enterprises from Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina will begin the program next Monday (29). What’s new: It’s the first time the […]

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Nubank commences pilot for pre-paid phone recharges

1 year ago

Contxto – Just yesterday, Nubank released a pilot for customers who prefer pre-paid phone plans. What this means is that certain account holders can look forward to recharging their cellphones over the NuConta digital account.  NuConta phone recharges From the sounds of reports, the new cellphone recharge function will begin as a trial, at least […]

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