Ojo Vial

img Lima, Peru
1 - 10 employees

Ojo Vial is an app that allows citizens to capture and report traffic violations of motor vehicles through their own mobile devices, these are registered at the same time through photos or video without being altered or edited later. In this way the veracity of the captures and complaints is guaranteed, which will be sent to the corresponding authorities to carry out the sanction and the respective fine.

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Peru’s Ojo Vial app crowdsources infractions for naughty drivers

1 year ago

Contxto – It has been a good start of the week for eye-based tech enthusiasts.  In Las Vegas, the show was stolen at CES 2020—a consumer electronics fair—by Mojo Lens. The little gadget is a contact lens which functions as an intelligent screen that allows you to superimpose info and visuals onto what you see […]

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