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Chatting with nipu, an AI-based mentor, is the easiest way to enter the world of technology. Personalized conversations to discover the tech world, find and sign up for hundreds of courses and options to learn and develop tech skills.

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Want a career in tech? Let chatbot Nipu be your guide

4 months ago

Contxto – The Master Chief has Cortana. Tony Stark had Jarvis/Edith. Pop culture is filled with examples of AI guides that help the protagonist along their journey. But this isn’t just fiction. It’s an ever-growing fact. Case and point is Colombian startup Nipu. It’s developed a chatbot that helps users navigate their way into a […]

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Real estate in Mexico after Covid-19, how proptech will revolutionize it

6 months ago

Contxto – The state of real estate across the world is in flux. The pandemic caused by Covid-19 depressed demand while it has us all locked inside. But behind those shuttered doors and through technology, proptech is seeking to overturn the established market in both foreseeable and less expected ways.  Housing and houses in Mexico […]

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Covid-19 fake news hacks its way onto government blockchain website

8 months ago

Contxto – Fake news respects no quarentine.  On March 14, the government in Argentina disclosed that its system had effectively been hacked. Perpetrator(s) uploaded false information regarding guidelines for public officials on handling the coronavirus (Covid-19) onto the country’s official bulletin website, which just so happens to use blockchain technology.  As a result, officials took […]

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Blockchain 101: its inner workings, challenges, and future prospects

9 months ago

This week we had our Morning Coffee with Sourodip Biswas from Space-O Technologies. Contxto – Blockchain is slowly emerging out of the shell and manifesting itself into something bigger than cryptocurrency. For the uninitiated, the technology found itself in the limelight as the underlying technology for Bitcoin. For a lot of people, the two were […]

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Ópera, the Colombian social robot, prepares to compete in Australia

1 year ago

Contxto – Ópera, one of Colombia’s most advanced robots allegedly capable of recognizing human emotions, will be competing in RoboCup 2019 in Sydney, Australia from July 2 to July 8. In Summary Sinfonía, Ópera, Sónata, Lírica and Lied are four robot prototypes developed in a partnership between Bancolombia and three Colombian universities. These institutions include […]

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Levita Magnetics and Praxis Biotech secure US$600 thousand through Founderlist

1 year ago

Contxto – Levita Magnetics and Praxis Biotech are two Chilean health startups with particularly bright futures following an astounding US$600 thousand investment from Founderlist as well as other supporters. In Summary As an online investment startup based in Chile, Founderlist provided the platform for angel investors from over 22 countries to fuel this funding round. […]

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