img Montevideo, Uruguay

MonkeyLearn is a natural language processing platform that allows companies to create new value from text data. It provides a simple graphical interface where users can create customized text classification and extraction analysis by training machine learning models such as sentiment analysis, topic detection, keyword extraction, and more. MonkeyLearn can be integrated with hundreds of other applications through its direct integrations and open API. All of that without the need of roping in developers or data scientists!

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MonkeyLearn has landed US$2.2 million to bring AI without code to all companies

3 months ago

Contxto – MonkeyLearn, an Uruguayan no-code and low-code Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup, today (7) announced that it had struck a seed round worth US$2.2 million.  The money will be spent chiefly into formalizing its sales team as its tried and tested platform tries to reach companies further afield. Furthermore, reports contend that the product is […]

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11 startups in Uruguay to keep an eye on in 2020

4 months ago

Contxto – We know d-Local and PedidosYa are some of the most funded startups in Uruguay, but they’re not the only companies with real value in the country.  I feel like Uruguayan startups are like hidden creatures, but once you spot them, you start discovering more and more. Therefore, I searched far and wide, meditated […]

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MonkeyLearn leverages machine learning for rapid text analysis

1 year ago

Contxto – If you are seeking a tech solution for rapid tech analysis, then MonkeyLearn could have your answer. Used by tech support teams, product management officials and developers alike, users can save a week’s worth of work and perform meticulous tasks in just a few hours. Leveraging machine learning, the software analyzes text data to […]

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Uruguay government agency premiers entrepreneurship program, ProyectaUruguay

1 year ago

Contxto – Uruguay’s National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) plans to debut a new program to attract more innovative entrepreneurs to the country. Affordable travel The campaign consists of a three-stage acceleration program, but it offers an interesting perk. Since selected founders will be required to travel and live in Uruguay for the duration of […]

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