img Buenos Aires, Argentina
1 - 10 employees

MindCotine is the first accessible tobacco cessation program to merge evidence-based psychological therapies with the most disruptive technologies, to address the global health issue of addictions. It is a mobile-based treatment combining Mindfulness, Cue-Exposure Therapy and Virtual Reality (VR-MET) with Machine Learning and supported by a peer-to-peer digital community that empowers smokers to quit.

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MindCotine scores US$230,000 just in time to get at-risk smokers to quit before Covid gets them

1 month ago

Contxto – People are sick of hearing of those who don’t take the novel coronavirus seriously because of its low mortality rate within certain demographics. The focus has mostly been on the risk faced by the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. But, it turns out if you’re a smoker, you may be puffing […]

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