img São Paulo, Brazil
11 - 50 employees

IOUU was created with a great idea: Reinvent traditional financial services and ensure a better deal for everyone. We are a Fintech (finance + technology) with a team of ambitious, innovative and passionate people, committed to democratizing finance and providing simpler, faster and cheaper access to financial services based on the belief that innovative and creative solutions offer more value and a better experience. We encourage opportunities for people, companies and investors, providing a better deal for everyone. We connect companies and people looking for credit with investors and institutions with money to borrow. Our platform is more efficient and transparent than traditional loans and we believe it is a better system for everyone.

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Fintech Bloxs raises ~US$690,000 with DOMO Invest

7 months ago

Contxto –  Brazilian fintech Bloxs Investimentos recently raised R$3 million (about US$690,000). Venture capital (VC) firm DOMO Invest pitched the funds. This equity will be used to scale its collective investment platform, as Felipe Souto—Co-founder and CEO of Bloxs—put it. “Together [with DOMO Invest], we will take the business to another level, bringing the scalability […]

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Marketplace fintech IOUU raises US$1.3 million with DOMO Invest

7 months ago

Contxto – IOU. An acronym nobody likes to see, and yet it’s commonplace when dealing with loans. And fintech IOUU from Brazil has put a twist on this trope for its peer to peer (P2P) marketplace solution and it appears it’s yielding promising results.  As a trio of venture capital (VC) firms have shown faith […]

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