img Buenos Aires, Argentina
1 - 10 employees

The team of experts in Artificial Intelligence helps your processes to be optimized to the maximum and take advantage of all the gaps of your business, this is thanks to the implementation of intelligent sensors of low cost Vending machines use Computer Vision technology to detect products and improve the user experience. Now you don't need the checkout, with our technology you can transform the shopping experience. Controlling your picking was never easier. We optimize processes thanks to sensoring and machine learning technology. You can have control of all the products in each room.

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11 startups from Argentina to watch in 2020

9 months ago

Contxto – “Hay que pasar el invierno”. Argentina’s politics and the economy are marked by past decisions that make its current situation even more challenging to overcome. This is also the case for startups in Argentina in an already rough 2020. One could trace the string of poor decisions to the “Standard Model —Modelo estandar […]

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Intuitivo is creating the vending machine of the future for Latin America

1 year ago

Contxto – If you live in Latin America, chances are you’ve rarely used a vending machine—if ever. Meanwhile in Japan, one can find wacky vending machines dispensing things like neckties, flower, even puppies. For its part, in the United States there’s a fully-automated car vending machine. Despite their practicality, they just aren’t seen or used […]

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