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Golondrix is a search engine for global higher education and online courses, powered by machine learning. We make the information about worldwide study options easily accessible to anyone, transparently, helping people make informed decisions. Golondrix searches over 450,000 study programs from around the world (taught in English) and provides personalized search results based on each user's behavior, preferred subjects, and interests.

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Edtech’s AI helps universities increase their online presence

1 year ago

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – Universities with limited digital infrastructure may be struggling to appeal to potential students with the coronavirus outbreak. How can they provide campus tours? Why host fairs or other events when social gatherings are to be avoided? Unexpectedly, three-month old Argentine edtech MatchUP’s marketplace platform is giving educational institutions a place […]

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Top 11 startups in Colombia you can no longer ignore in 2020

1 year ago

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – Rappi. There, I said it. And that’s the last time you’ll be reading that word on this article. As much merit as they deserve, so do many other startups in Colombia with much less exposure. You see, the most recognizable, most-successful Colombian startup has almost become a bit of a problem […]

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Golondrix preps Spanish content for educational search engine

1 year ago

Contxto – There really is only so much Google’s powerful search engine can do. Reason for which we rely on other specialized sites, like Despegar, for example, to help us find flights that adapt to our travel plans and budget. In that sense, Colombian/Argentine startup Golondrix developed a search engine for users to seek and […]

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