img Bogotá, Colombia

Fluvip is an influencer marketing company in Latin America and the United States. It offers a technology platform that allows advertisers to identify the right social content influencers for their campaigns based on artificial intelligence systems; and brands to connect with social content influencers in the world through multi-channels.

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Influencer marketing startup, Spark, raises US$1.5 million through Apex Partners

1 year ago

Contxto – Brazilian Spark recently raised R$8 million (~US$1.5 million) in an investment round led by Apex Partners. The marketing startup’s leadership will direct these funds towards launching new business verticals, increasing its team, as well as for training purposes.  When it comes to a potential market response through influencer marketing, Brazil is the place […]

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Multinational Influencer Marketing Company, Izea, Announces Letter of Intent to Buy Colombian Startup, Fluvip

2 years ago

Contxto – Izea, the multinational influencer platform, publicly announced its intent to buy Colombian Fluvip, during the 2019 CES conference. Fluvip is a startup from Bogota that connects influencers and content creators with brands across Latin America and the Spanish-speaking population in the US. Its machine learning technology allows advertising brands to pinpoint thought leaders within […]

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