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Happier individuals, happier communities. Innovating emotional intelligence in your work and life through Emotion AI.

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Top 11 startups in Colombia you can no longer ignore in 2020

7 months ago

Contxto – Rappi. There, I said it. And that’s the last time you’ll be reading that word on this article. As much merit as they deserve, so do many other startups in Colombia with much less exposure. You see, the most recognizable, most-successful Colombian startup has almost become a bit of a problem for the northern […]

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Colombia’s Feelenials uses AI to understand employee emotions

7 months ago

Contxto – Workplace environments are at an interesting point in history. In a mix of “work hard, play hard” ethos, burnout abounds. At the same time, organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of the emotional state in relation to employee productivity. As in, happy employees are productive employees. But unless you’re their psychologist, gaining […]

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