img São Paulo, Brazil
51 - 200 employees

We are a legaltech with the mission to make it simple to search, manage and pre-analyze documents throughout Brazil. Through technology, we streamline processes and reduce our customers' operating costs.

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Brazilian startups in Silicon Valley close US$2 million plus in funding over 2 years

2 days ago

Contxto – Brazil’s ecosystem is growing—and that’s not necessarily within its borders. Brazilian entrepreneurs and venture capital (VC) firms in Silicon Valley are looking to play an important role in strengthening the startup scene. Non-profit BayBrazil has been tracking this quite carefully. This organization recently arranged a survey that found that 11 startups with Brazilian […]

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Latin America’s startups are beating old and new Covid bureaucracy with legaltech

2 weeks ago

Contxto – If citizens in Latin America have a government-related issue to address, they have to jump through plenty of bureaucracy. To make matters worse, Covid-19 has put administrative offices in a fix. Social distancing means people can’t be cramped into waiting rooms as per their usual annoying protocol. In that sense, officials are sprinting […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Venture Capital in Brazil [Updated 2020]

2 months ago

Contxto — The private equity sector has been progressing rapidly in Brazil. With economic stability firmly established, dropping interest rates, and low country risk, the local market is already an attractive option for venture capital in Brazil. However, storm clouds gather ahead. Brazil was going through rough economic waters even before the Covid-crisis. We shan’t […]

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Top 5 Venture Capital funds in Argentina

7 months ago

Contxto – If Chile’s venture capital (VC) scene is crowded for such a small country, all while keeping swift and nimble—as we saw in last week’s VC ranking—, then this week’s featured country packs a punch with a just handful of players.  Related articles: Top 7 Venture Capital funds in Chile The financial and economic […]

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Docket has raised US$8 million with Kaszek, ONEVC, Valor Capital, Canary, and Wayra

7 months ago

Contxto – In real estate there is tons of paperwork. And in an increasingly digital world, Kaszek Ventures, Canary, ONEVC, Valor Capital, and Wayra have been convinced by Brazilian legaltech, Docket’s approach to this problem, through their document managing platform.  And that’s why these venture capital (VC) firms have invested in the startup in different […]

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6 legaltech startups from Argentina demystifying law and order

1 year ago

Contxto – Easy and transparent access to a country’s judicial system is often complex, particularly in Latin America. Legal matters altogether tend to be an esoteric world for many, inherently confusing and difficult to navigate on purpose, or so it seems.  Yet when life happens and legal action is necessary, what do you do if […]

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