img Santiago, Chile

In Denda we offer innovative and useful products, which allows you to improve your quality of life (reducing your energy consumption, healthy eating, well-being and comfort), reducing its impact on the environment.

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Top 7 Venture Capital funds in Chile

1 year ago

Contxto – You loved our Mexico venture capital (VC) ranking so now we’re back with more. Behold! Our list of top funds of Venture Capital in Chile, the perennial startup overachiever! Related article: Top 10 Venture Capital funds in Mexico You got my whole schpeel on what makes a VC tick in that past article […]

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Chilean sustainability eCommerce platform Denda raises US$1 million

2 years ago

Contxto – When it comes to combatting pollution or climate change, there are two types of people. On one hand are those that don’t care enough to act. Conversely, there are those who care but don’t know how to approach the challenge. Well, Denda from Chile recently raised US$1 million from several national investors to […]

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