Agrivalle Brasil

img São Paulo, Brazil
51 - 200 employees

What does a fertilizer industry have to do with people's lives? How can a fertilizer company help improve your day-to-day life? Crop nutrition is the key point of this issue, as improving the nutritional balance of plants makes them stronger and healthier, improving the profitability of the farmer and bringing more tasty and healthy foods to the consumer's table.

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Tarpon acquires Agrivalle to grow more sustainability to agriculture

1 year ago

Contxto – Enterprises working with eco-friendly products continue to attract investors. Tarpon Investimentos recently acquired a majority stake in Brazilian Agrivalle through an initial investment for R$160 million (~US$30 million).  The agritech, which develops bio-based goods for growers, experienced some internal reshuffling as a result of the investment. A Board of Directors with reps from […]

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