img São Paulo, Brazil

Adianta is a financial service company that offers a platform for clients to grant working capital for small and medium businesses. The company also specializes in receivables prepayment, loan, invoice finance, SME, cash flow, MPE, secured account, financial institution, and banks.

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Lending fintech Quasar Flash raises US$4.5M to accelerate credit analysis for Brazilian SMEs

7 months ago

Contxto – In an ideal world, accounts receivable departments always have a steady cash flow because customers pay for everything immediately. But most businesses know all too well that that’s rarely the case (if ever). In general, large companies are bulky enough to withstand these irregularities, while small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can struggle. Startup […]

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Creze announces US$12 million investment to boost lending platform

9 months ago

Contxto – Fintech Creze announced it recently closed MXN$265 million (~US$12 million) with unnamed Mexican investors. The funds will serve to update its lending platform as well as “whatever comes next.” I’m somewhat paraphrasing but they did say that: “We’re proud to announce this investment which will allow us to better face any eventuality that’s […]

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Liber Capital acquires Adianta to expand lending services

9 months ago

Contxto –  São Paulo-based fintech Liber Capital knows there’s more to lending than what it’s current operations allow. Consequently, today (23) it announced it will buy a majority stake in fintech Adianta to dilute the risk when lending to businesses. As is, Liber Capital offers companies a lending platform for their accounts receivable departments. However, […]

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Adianta lands US$2.18 million round led by DGF Investimentos

2 years ago

Contxto – Latin American investors rejoice as Adianta becomes the latest Brazilian startup set to receive a hefty investment of around $8 million Brazilian reals (approximately US$2.18 million) from DGF Investimentos. DGF didn’t invest in Adianta alone during this second round of funding. While the Brazilian firm led the effort, other companies like 42K Investments, […]

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