img São Paulo, Brazil
201 - 500 employees

Our purpose is very strong: to make people's lives simpler. That is why our team works with the objective of building digital solutions that facilitate their relationship with companies. We act actively in search of Brazil's digital transformation, providing what is necessary for a highly connected, digital and secure society.

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SoftBank, General Atlantic bet US$107M on facial biometrics startup, Acesso Digital

1 month ago

Contxto – Humanity’s biggest nemesis in 2020, Covid-19, has highlighted the importance of facial recognition technology. As a result, startups working with these types of solutions have been drawing funding as of late. Though none more so than Brazilian Acesso Digital. Yesterday (21), news broke that SoftBank and General Atlantic co-led an investment in Acesso […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Venture Capital in Brazil [Updated 2020]

3 months ago

Contxto — The private equity sector has been progressing rapidly in Brazil. With economic stability firmly established, dropping interest rates, and low country risk, the local market is already an attractive option for venture capital in Brazil. However, storm clouds gather ahead. Brazil was going through rough economic waters even before the Covid-crisis. We shan’t […]

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Brazilian facial recognition startup, Acesso Digital, raises US$9.5 million

8 months ago

Contxto – Acesso Digital is a São Paulo-based startup that develops facial recognition technology. And things had been running smoothly for the startup since its founding back in 2007.  But it’s shaking things up because the startup recently raised a R$40 million (about US$9.5 million) investment with e.Bricks Ventures. How the funds will be used […]

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