img Salvador, Brazil
1 - 10 employees

A delivery without prejudice. We bring convenience and generate income for merchants and couriers

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Google to disperse US$945K for Black Founders Fund in Brazil

2 weeks ago

Contxto – The Black Lives Matter movement can be felt throughout Latin America but nowhere more so in Brazil. In a country where nearly 57 percent of the population (~119 million people) consider themselves “black” or “dark-skinned”, it’s easy to understand why. And even the entrepreneurial sphere isn’t exempt from discrimination. Correspondingly, it’s an issue […]

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Why the world needs more logistics startups like Traz Favela

2 months ago

Contxto – There are plenty of logistics startups buzzing to-and-fro in the big cities of Latin America. However, the outskirts of metropolises aren’t often covered by these platforms—usually because they’re viewed as “unsafe.” But Brazilian last-mile delivery startup Traz Favela doesn’t overlook these communities. Quite the contrary, it’s centered on completing deliveries to bring these […]

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