img Montevideo, Uruguay
1 - 10 employees

Prometeo is a platform that through a standardized method (API REST) allows access to banking information and carry out transactions. Inspired by PSD2 and with high security standards, Prometeo was created to allow users to access banking information for multiple purposes such as credit scoring processing, authomatization, ERP integration, financial education, etc. Our security best practices are inspired in the cybersecurity regulations for the financial sector (PCIDSS/ ISO 27001) and our team has the right experience and background to push this forward. We also develop Ábaco, a Financial Education tool that seeks to help users know their financial behavior, and TePago, an electronic wallet.

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Fintech in Uruguay 2020 (beta)

1 week ago

Contxto – Talk about overachievers. Uruguay has often been proven that big things can come in small packages. But, could it be that country’s fintech industry is the exception that proves the rule? Perhaps unsurprisingly for a country with a market size just shy of 3.5 million people, Uruguay has a small selection of fintechs. […]

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Prometeo promises to expand open banking API products to Brazil and Panama

2 months ago

Contxto – Prometeo is bringing its open banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to more fintechs in the region. The startup recently announced it expanded its services into two countries: Brazil and Panama. According to Prometeo’s website, it had already been operating in seven other markets in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and […]

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Mexico’s ecosystem of fintechs and VC grows with recent developments

6 months ago

Contxto – This is a two for one in news, readers.  Starting off, according to Finnovista’s white paper “Latin America: Global Investors’ New Fintech Frontier,” Catalan software developer Latinia is a key player in Mexico’s fintechs. Specifically, the corporate venture capital (VC) firm from Spain is the largest investor in Finnovista’s Startupbootcamp accelerator program. And […]

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Latinia makes undisclosed investment in Mexican neobank, Flink

7 months ago

Contxto – Spanish fintech Latinia shook things up last week with the announcement of an undisclosed investment in B2C (business to customer) Mexican neobank, Flink. The Barcelona-based business stated that it shifted its B2B (business to business) focus with Flink due to the rising demand of neobanks in Latin America, specifically Mexico. Flink, for its […]

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Emergent fintech from Uruguay Prometeo raises funds from Latinia to integrate with regional banks

7 months ago

Contxto – In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the Titan credited for gifting humanity the fire of the gods. Although certainly a noble aim, ultimately Zeus punished him for petty theft by chaining him to a rock for all eternity. Oh, and having a vulture repeatedly eat his regenerative liver. Meanwhile in Uruguay, the Spanish-language equivalent […]

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