img San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina
1 - 10 employees

Pachama uses AI and remote sensing to verify and monitor carbon capture by forests to help finance conservation and reforestation.

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Pachama closes US$5M to build carbon neutral companies with AI

1 year ago

Contxto – Argentine sustainability startup Pachama is reeling in US$5 million to help more companies reduce their carbon footprint with its AI platform. It had already closed US$4.1 million in January of this year. Pachama seed extension amid pandemic Startups in telemedicine and e-commerce have been greatly boosted by the Covid-19 outbreak. They’ve even closed […]

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AI startups from Argentina (beta)

1 year ago

Contxto – Argentina is the third best-ranked country regarding its Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy and strategy implementation in Latin America. It is surpassed only by Colombia and Costa Rica. Nevertheless, in the realm of private enterprise and AI startups, Argentina is second to none. Not only is the diversity of its solutions impressive, but the […]

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Pachama snags investment to support reforestation efforts

1 year ago

Contxto – Not too long ago, global headlines grieved the burning of the  Amazon rain forest. A few months later and in one part of the globe, bushfires rage on. And it’s been reported that over two million acres have been consumed by flames in Australia. Meanwhile, miles and miles away, in Silicon Valley, there […]

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