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Prometeo promises to expand open banking API products to Brazil and Panama

4 months ago

Contxto – Prometeo is bringing its open banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to more fintechs in the region. The startup recently announced it expanded its services into two countries: Brazil and Panama. According to Prometeo’s website, it had already been operating in seven other markets in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and […]

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Emergent fintech from Uruguay Prometeo raises funds from Latinia to integrate with regional banks

9 months ago

Contxto – In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the Titan credited for gifting humanity the fire of the gods. Although certainly a noble aim, ultimately Zeus punished him for petty theft by chaining him to a rock for all eternity. Oh, and having a vulture repeatedly eat his regenerative liver. Meanwhile in Uruguay, the Spanish-language equivalent […]

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15 fintechs gaining traction in Bogota

1 year ago

Contxto – We have previously covered Chile’s fintech ecosystem but today we’re switching gears to specifically showcase fintech ventures from Bogota, Colombia.   The following 15 fintechs are providing alternative financial products not only across the country but the region. With this, these companies are providing much-needed stability to members of the unbanked population. Disclaimer: These […]

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