MO Tecnologias

img Bogotá, Colombia

MO Tecnologias LLC is a leading Fintech who has developed an innovative patent-pending proprietary credit scoring technology and loan management platform which uses AI & machine learning. Without the need to know the identity of the user, MO processes numerous data points and calculates a credit score within seconds, pre-approving the user. The MO loan issuing & management platform can serve and admin credit to persons or small businesses via multiple channels, including Smart Mobile App, Web Portal, POS Terminal, M-Pos, USSD, SMS, Transport Cards, and Pre-Paid & Debit Cards.

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Pandemic couldn’t stop Brazil’s Superlogica from scoring hefty investment… it has delayed other plans though

5 months ago

Contxto – Subscriptions are nothing but twenty-first-century rentals.  Superlogica from Brazil knows this well. Recently the company raised R$300 million (approximately US$63.5 million) from US-born private equity fund, Warburg Pincus, and was advised by Credit Suisse. The platform is basically a CRM (Customer relationship management) service for subscription or rent-based businesses. Condominiums, schools, and SaaS […]

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LobbyControl from Chile develops rescue app to aid firefighters in tackling blazes

8 months ago

Contxto – As wildfires ravage Australia, other nations are devising new methods to tackle climate change-induced environmental disasters. In a country like Chile, prone to a miscellany of inclement weather, including wildfires, LobbyControl is one startup that has developed a rescue app to assist firefighters in tackling blazes.  To better prepare responders to enter enflamed […]

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Fintech Billpocket raises funding from Axon Partners to assist SMEs accept card payments

1 year ago

Contxto – Nowadays, companies that don’t admit card transactions are inherently placed at a disadvantage. Not only do many shoppers prefer debit or credit over cash, but shopping online is thriving more than ever. Realizing this, Mexican fintech Billpocket recently received an undisclosed investment from Axon Partners Group through its Amerigo Ventures Pacífico Fund.  “All […]

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15 fintechs gaining traction in Bogota

1 year ago

Contxto – We have previously covered Chile’s fintech ecosystem but today we’re switching gears to specifically showcase fintech ventures from Bogota, Colombia.   The following 15 fintechs are providing alternative financial products not only across the country but the region. With this, these companies are providing much-needed stability to members of the unbanked population. Disclaimer: These […]

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