img Cartago, Costa Rica

B2B producer of insect powder as an environmental and nutritional solution.

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15 Latin American startups enhancing food with tech

2 years ago

Contxto – Latin America and great food go part and parcel. Spanning so much space, fresh produce and differing tastes make it one of the most diverse culinary regions in the world. From arepas in Venezuela, pupusas in El Salvador, fresh ceviche in Peru, to chorrillana in Chile, there are good eats no matter where […]

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Costa Rica Insect Company encourages you to eat more crickets

2 years ago

Contxto – Did you know that insects are anthropods, just like shrimps and lobsters? So what’s stopping us humans from eating bugs besides being picky eaters? Costa Rica Insect Company (CRIC) is one Latin American startup showing us that bugs are not only edible but nutritious. Snapshot  Description: B2B producer of insect powder as an […]

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Unit Economics for Dummies!

2 years ago

Contxto – It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to produce financial projections claiming millions of dollars in revenue for the coming year, but when investors ask them how they intend to achieve this and what their unit economics are… Crickets. Unit economics are, in theory, quite basic. Yet in practice they could be a little […]

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