2morrow Sports

img Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
1 - 10 employees

2morrow Sports is a technology startup focused on the engagement and study of fan behavior indicators in the sport. Having developed a supporter / CRM partner platform, BI, with an application and data management that enhances the connection of the fans' passion with their heart club. We want to be the solution that will bring clubs closer to their fans and brands to clubs. We want to get to know the consumer and take their experience and relationship to an unprecedented level ... This is our mission!

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2Morrow Sports receives a R$1.5 million investment, disrupting sports market

1 year ago

Contxto – Brazilian startup 2Morrow Sports has hit a home run, landing a R$1.5 million of financing from OutField Capital, an investment fund focused on companies working in the sports arena. 2Morrow Sports offers solutions that rev up the traditional team-supporter relationship. Its proprietary platforms go the extra mile by analyzing consumer behavior using customer […]

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